Gianinne Loerch

Gianinne Loerch

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Gianinne Loerch

Pediatric Physical Therapist

Gianinne is a pediatric physical therapist with 30+ years of experience.  Throughout these years of service, she has provided quality care to children of all ages and diagnoses, most recently in a clinical outpatient setting at Cleveland Clinic Children’s Rehab.

She has a special interest working with babies ages 0-3 with Torticollis, delayed development, and various other diagnoses. She is proficient in multiple techniques including Kinesiotaping, NDT handling, and other faciliatory techniques that assist to achieve motor skills.

Gianinne is currently following her passion to educate, reassure and provide guidance to parents of young babies and children in the acquisition of age-appropriate motor skills.


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