Importance of Chiropractic care while pregnant

March 01, 2022 - by Shoshana Loerch - in Uncategorized

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As many of our awesome patients know, Dr. Loerch is expecting her twins in June.  obviously, she felt it was necessary to share that chiropractic care while pregnant is not only safe & effective, but it allows the baby to sit properly in the birth canal and potentially decreases labor times! 

Part of our job is helping moms feel their best while growing their sweet babies. so take a moment and check out the website. There is a ton of information that helps Dr. Loerch keep up to date with the latest techniques for moms and babies.  This is also where she continues to take classes for adjusting babies and kids of all ages. 

Here is an article discussing the resolution of symphysis pubis pain while pregnant. If you yourself or others have experienced this while pregnant you know just how uncomfortable it can be.

If you or loved ones you know are struggling with a painful pregnancy, know that there is help and that being told it’s

“normal” is not the only answer. We look forward to seeing you at our growing practice!

Book your appointment online at our website, or call us at 440.840.7419 to ask us any questions. 

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